Fluted Tiles india

Fluted tiles come with customization options and are available in a wide variety like, Marble Fluted, Ceramic Fluted, Geometric, Metallic Fluted, Porcelain Fluted and Neutral tone tiles.

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Known for their ribbed and grooved surface pattern these stylish tiles are perfect for interior and exterior decor. These easy to maintain tiles offer tactile experience, better traction and temperature resistance.

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75X300MM Fluted Tiles

libra tiles

3x12 Libra Series Tiles

The Charm of Fluted tile.

Fluted Tiles Bathroom:

The ribbed and grooved texture of these tiles make them offer excellent grip which makes them perfect for your bathroom space. So, you not only add visual appeal but also safer
with the tactile experience.

White Fluted Tiles

The pristine beauty of white fluted tiles is hard to ignore, if you wish for a clean and timeless aesthetic then go for these tiles. We have a vast variety of distinctive patterns with white hues.

Fluted Tiles Texture

Create visual tactile experience that adds depth and character to any surface with fluted tiles. Redefine and elevate your floors, walls, or other design elements, our collection offers a perfect blend of style and substance.

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